@julialuna Well they do have a history of stealing things from other cultures...

@katnjiapus Thanks! I got the idea from Martha Stewart's Necromancy on some old pagan site.

@katnjiapus Only if you promise to let kids paint my skull at Easter.

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🧵from the Birdsite with instructions for Iranians & to help Iranians connect to the internet.

Includes information about Tor and messenger apps.


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Also, #IRanASignalProxy - DM me for the link if you need it.

#MahsaAmini #ZhinaAmini #IranProtests2022 #مهسا_امینی #اعتصابات_سراسری #OpIran #Iran

@bill @thegibson I'm like this with any new tech. Wait til it improves and we know exactly what it does.

@checkervest He has the weirdest reactions to different veggies in general, though.

He *loves* radishes - sniffing them, batting them around for hours, running off with them and growling...

Blueberries - basically the same, except when one goes under the sofa he gets distressed and starts meowing.

I have tested this. There must be some chemicals in them that make him crazy.

@unicatte I need to get my finger out, find and learn just a basic operating system...

The only reason I stick with Windows right now is cuz I'm used to it, not because its good.

@checkervest They just freak him out.

If you walk towards him with one, he gets up and runs away with urgency. Put one next to him when he's sitting down, he springs up and dashes off. It must look like some very strange animal to him.

@hex I mean I would get other fried chicken purely out of curiosity since where I live KFC is the closest thing we get to anything that good.

@checkervest This reminded me that I want to get a big carving pumpkin for the sole purpose of freaking my cat out.

Illness, History & Housework 

...which was actually very interesting. Seems like Russia has always been ruled by immature man-babies these last few centuries.

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Illness, History & Housework 

Being sick is weird because you feel like hell, sleep at random times and then suddenly have energy and find yourself cleaning the kitchen at night and then learning about the Congress of Vienna.

@Thomas Yet another cultural landmark I must see when I finally make it to America...

@Something Ah OK.

Well if you're ever up for a pint sometime you'll know where to find me since... well, you'll be there.

I can even show you around Bonn! It's a very nice city.

Thinking about how cats will walk slow, then stop, and do Long Neck when they encounter something unfamiliar.

@annika @categulario Yeah a lot of animals are already endangered. We don't need to put them at even more risk by feeding them crap.

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