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i don't know how to @ everyone but uhhh i guess i'm trying out because everyone else is lol @monsterbutch

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tried to sign up for unidays to get student discounts. my school isn't on there. tried to go to the support page. wouldn't load. F


you can say any sequence of words on this website and there is going to be someone who just LOVES it

this isn't a joke i'm listening to a stream and their cat came in and started squeaking and meowing and there were real tears in my eyes

do you ever think about cats and start crying holy shit i love cats so much they're so good

can't believe they named a dental condition after ghost and creep-p's hit song hyperdontia

each shitpost i make is carefully handcrafted with only the finest of stupid adhd thoughts

*turns around to glare menacingly* what're you lookin at, huh? *goes back to taping rubber gloves to my arms*

i'm the something in the woods somewhere hozier was talking about

once i learn how to grow horns and extra eyes it's over for you fuckers

to be clear, my apartment does not actually have a bee infestation. or a dentist infestation. allegedly.

dentists are like bees. hardworking, can fly, infesting my house

i really relate to crows. they wear all black, like collecting things, hold grudges, and remember those who were kind to them

i know starbound needs more lore for the novakids but i think what's more important is to have goth novakids

imo, tall girls are hot. Let's talk about that again

my painting only has 2 notes on tumblr and they're both me. F

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