If anyone wants to support Congress joining Shiv Sena you can do me a favor by unfollowing me or the least you can do is not explain me why it is good.

Minorities and dalits have had their dignity traded for your political expediency for long and we dont have to listen to your patronizing crap.

@monteskw both sides are pissed this could be the Start if regional politics?


I think they are trying to make the point that "Politics makes strange bedfellows."

@purumane yeah and then the audacity to convince us that this is a good thing.

@monteskw I for one am half minded about the NCP-Sena-Cong alliance. Part of me wants the BJP govt outed and humbled but at the same time this unholy alliance reminds me of the BJP-PDP alliance; we all know what happened with that.

However, a re-election at the same time could prove to be disastrous for Congress/NCP, allianc, especially post the . Also, dont have to get into how financial constrained INC is at the moment for another drawn out campaign for the re-election.

@monteskw A carefully drawn out ministry sharing, with NCP/Congress taking charge of specific state ministries (minority affairs or agriculture for instance) could even keep SS's majoritarian politics at bay and possibly even coerce them to re-alligning their stance in MH politics. With BJP's rise in Maharashtra, SS is facing an existential crisis of sorts. Which makes me believe that post this potential govt formation, SS may have more to lose than the NCP-Congress combine.

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