Everytime a country that is accused of violating human rights is asked questions their first sentence is how some other community also sometime in the past was treated unfairly. This is not a defense but actually a confirmation that the country is violating human rights *NOW*.

I don't know why Govt of India keeps sending people to talk about Kashmir pandits because that is totally irrelevant to what is happening now and is actually a confirmation of allegations against India.

It is narrative controlling functional role of effective issues that have impressions deep rooted in credulous people coming to surface. It is just an exercise to maintain them at those levels.
Talking about pandits is not bad as much as using their travesties for furthering agendas surely is..

@nishant12 @monteskw It is likely hard for most pandits to be objective about the issue, sometimes because they can’t & sometimes because they don’t want any to. I can understand that. But using their legitimate pain to legitimize violence against 8 mill is crazy & anyone who is a part of that knows exactly what they r doing.

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