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This is a one man only content generating. This will become an e-government project one day. Its security should depend on those who'll administer it. So, this account's protection is a test for them.

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No country that's not fit for your founder is ever fit for y'all. Therefore, y'all can consider breakaway of territories, where y'all are majority, two bands together & y'all will be part of our homeland and send your representatives and senators to our Congress.

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Since leaders are people too, everyone can criticize them like he or she can criticize ordinary people. But a leader is supposed to be an individual that takes steps way beyond his or her own personal interests.

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Your leader is the one who has control over your fate, not the people who think your leaders are.

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If you are asked to vote, then vote. Do not ignore or take your democratic rights for granted. People elsewhere had died or have been dying to obtain those rights.

-Doing the justice will always make one side unhappy. The goal of justice is to make the right side happy. If anyone is considered harmful to any party, we'll provide them with restraining orders to prevent their approach.

-If among the territories under our present control, I pardon the indigenous leader involved in a revolt nearly 50 years ago. This pardon is valid as soon as implemented in practice, with a temporary document to be prepared until formal pardon will be signed by me and mailed by my office. We expect him to encourage other indigenous communities to side with us if they can or remain at least neutral, just provide shelter for our troops if unable to.

-In a remote past too far from being remembered, my soul was both a king & someone that traveled to places these folks that claim to have done their duty have gone to. That king lost at a war. Therefore I'm neither a king, nor an idiot to be part of a never-ending war. We already have powerful allies and we'll claim our right of sovereignty making smarter use of our power.

-We wouldn't maybe have canceled their existence from day one if we had the chance but if they had some genetic and irreparable flaw that caused sudden or early deaths would've been nice.

The laws that divide people and that are implemented through a bias are to be broken. It's a civic duty for societies to survive the damage done.

Theoretically good advice, but we should never forget that we are produces of the societies we live in. Failing societies and countries produce failing people.

-I don't want to serve in any military ever, just because some both or son of a bitch has served. Had that person been a friend of The South, my tenure as Commander-in-Chief would've sufficed. Therefore we'll either kill or cripple this person. Since he or she's too blind to see who runs this world now, I'd rather we blind him or her permanently. A request from my birth links or people of Heru and an order to our troops.
The one they secretly call Badass Fury, as it rhymes with ruby.

It'd have been more persuasive if it did not say mcdonaldsofficial as username, but anyway, I reckon I won't ask them if they would consider de-assembled prefabs to sell for housing.

-You see, ancient movies about The Old West told us, at least on paper, the heydays of there that lasted some 30 years. When we watch them it seems to us that they were foreshadowing Virginia. This planet has been a frontier planet for over three centuries & will take at least this much more to remain in this status, not because we'll fail to win here but it's complicated.

-I request permission to ask why, Lt. General, sir?
-Permission granted. As the military governor, I am not only to oversee what goes on here but also what occurs around this frontier planet. Epidemics. Especially The Ancient Kingdoms apart from Texan domain & our own 'Bravetown' is anything but sanitary. We keep awful lot of funds to offer Doctors Without Borders for there. Even African Union is safer now.

-...We also keep awful lot of funds to our long range assault & defense systems in 'Bravetown' and in case of an uncontrollable epidemic, we'll unilaterally hit those spots, then acknowledge the rest after it occurs. Our citizens' security and sanity is not something we ever negotiate with other civilizations.

No book extract: Cold War In Space ended 25 years ago. This is the timeline of the samples shared. The curious reader will have to wait till the series is published.

-I'll state this once and only on this occasion. I will never under any condition tolerate forced labor or drudgery by either party against the ones I've chosen for myself. The consequences will be fatal. We see several big corporations making money doing nothing but still making big money reading data only. We can't defeat this version of capitalism without capitalist thinking. Think like the foe if you want to be victorious.

-...Therefore, when we hoist our flags there, never ever to lower down again, in order to show my cordiality to a certain belief and a tribute to one of my past lives, I'll order reading of a sermon when the takeover's complete. It's not for suppression of anyone, rather to show that we punish some nations and ideologies, not religions.

-I was never discouraged by denial, in defiance of some authorities. After all I live in a town that locked its doors to one of my past lives some six centuries ago.

-...However, it's chiefly my own nation and its leadership, its own very acting war room & presidential office is the reason of this sentiment, whereas the other blowing the cover of a plot of drudgery.

-A leader, even if unable to attend the public all the time has a responsibility to think, assume that all eyes are over him or her. It's a pity the reality show pattern wrongly contributed to this especially becoming a constraining, not liberating factor. In fact some local conflicts people might accuse me of dodging is still evident to be staged disputes since under general terms the discretion & secrecy of some organizations require evasion of such individuals.

-I won't discriminate on age, but the young ladies have shown sufficient interest in me and here's what I'll do, the ones I met before, craved when I came of age and those that are able for a liaison and available, I'll hold a period when those I live with are all or mostly expecting and I'll see them then, then they can marry among others that I'll see, but can't.

-I'm not very much convinced our people won't take me for a loser when I come and reunite with someone I've had a crush before and either did not part in good terms or making me look like a fool on top of being misguided. Yes I did expect an option to freeze my current ID as if I'm gone without a trace until this'd all be settled, even training myself for another ID, but I can't pretend on my emotions or neglect our people's expectations of a first lady.

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