@˗ˏˋ Doug Belshaw ˎˊ˗ 🇪🇺☠️✊ - great progress and nice videos of MoodleNet, Doug! :-) Under 6. Discussions, perhaps you can include Zap and Hubzilla in addition to Pleroma as examples of solutions which also speak ActivityPub. :-)

@parlehaakon Of course! These are just 'in development' videos

(I'm finding it difficult to find time for these since I went down to 3 days/week for Moodle!)

Zap has collections too, and I will look into how interoperable these are with MoodleNet. :-)

I like to draw, and I have noticed a number of sites dedicated to collections about drawing, e.g. https://painting.tube/ and https://vimeo.com/croquiscafe , which would do much better using PeerTube (ActivityPub) in combination with Zap and MoodleNet collections, especially for Art Schools, since the Centraliverse sites like YouTube often blocks figure drawing sites like Croquis Café due to naked people.

#nsfw #figuredrawing
In one of the videos, you mention including stuff from collections or sharing with Moodle - how does this work? Similar to LTI or also ActivityPub?
@Doug Belshaw ????? has created several nice videos of the upcoming MoodleNet 1 beta, which should interest the Zap community. Just like Zap, MoodleNet supports curated collections.

Collections about any topic can be collected, curated, followed and shared by anyone between anybody in the Fediverse. They - or at least the ones from MoodleNet - can be shared with the upcoming Moodle 3.9, allowing teachers of the Fediverse to follow and share collections with the world's largest LMS community.

Here is an opportunity for curated collections interoperability. :-)
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