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My revamped blog is now live @

Moved to a shorter domain, switched to a Hugo + Gitlab + Forestry + Netlify setup. It's still a static site, it's still super-fast, it's still devoid of any tracking and analytics. (I just don't care about *those* numbers.)

The heart of the site is a Gitlab repo. Netlify runs Hugo & serves the site every time changes are pushed to the repo. Forestry (CMS) is committing to the repo. Convenient AF.

This warrants a longer post …later.

Swapped out my Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X out for an EdgeRouter Lite.
I just finished watching the series premiere of DC’s Titans and it was pretty good. It’s quite dark, which is ok. I hope they find some moments of levity in the series (kind of hinted at with Beast Boy’s intro) to balance things out.

#tv #titans #dcuniverse #dc
Starfire is the best thing on DC Universe's Titans.

#dc #dcuniverse #tv #titans
Yesterday the dark premiere of Titans.

This morning, two new episodes the bright and funny Teen Titans Go!.

I love both takes on the Teen Titans franchise.

#dc #dcuniverse #dccomics #titans #teentitans #tv
I just ordered AT&T Fiber. 1Gbps symmetric speeds + no data caps for a few bucks more than my 150Mbps + 1TB data cap Comcast connection? Yea, that's a winner.
Annoyed at the amount of spam that is being routed via Google Groups. And Google doesn't make it easy to report this stuff as spam.
I consolidated networking stuff by removing two single-purpose Raspberry Pi's and moving their functionality onto two passively cooled x86 servers.

The first Raspberry Pi was running unbound and was the recursive DNS server for the home. I put unbound on the two x86 servers and now have two recursive DNS servers instead of one.

The second Raspberry Pi was a UniFi Controller. The process for moving the UniFi APs from the old controller to the new controller was rather easy -- the only thing that needed to happen after I got the software installed on the server was to restart the APs.

Tonight's movie is Geostorm (2017). I'm bracing myself for a terrible movie, but I have hopes that it's a so-bad-it's-good kind of movie.

Geostorm (2017)

What a terrible film with some questionable special effects and some embarrassing moments for decent actors. Dean Devlin tries to emulate his old partner Roland Emmerich and fails spectacularly.

There are so many things wrong with the film.

Guns on a space station? One legit, one smuggled. Seriously? Fire in space, bad. Supersonic projectiles in a contained space, bad. Sigh.

With so much preaching about global warming and showing cars being electric, we get a shot of Cape Canaveral with dozens of space craft burning solid fuel and kicking out pollutants. They send the main character off to the space station by himself in a space craft. They didn't bother to send anyone else with him or put cargo in the thing.

Was the space station half made of C4? Cause that was a lot of kaboom.

Ugh. What a terrible film. I'm glad I didn't spend any money on this stinker, I borrowed the DVD from the library.

I have been reading Batman comics (issues 635-650) on DC Universe.

The reading experience is really good and it is nice to read some older back catalogue comics -- this run starts in February 2005.

It is cool to be able to read the origin of the Red Hood.

#dc #dccomics #dcuniverse
Sounds like a case of “It worked on my machine…Ship it!”

“Microsoft may have been relying on its Windows Insider program too much for Windows 10, though. Microsoft largely phased out its dedicated Software Test Engineer (STE) roles for Windows during a huge round of layoffs a year ahead of the Windows 10 release. Instead, it has favored developers testing their own work, or reports from the Windows Insider feedback program.”

#microsoft #windows
“Across the technology industry, rank-and-file employees are demanding greater insight into how their companies are deploying the technology that they built. At Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Salesforce, as well as at tech start-ups, engineers and technologists are increasingly asking whether the products they are working on are being used for surveillance in places like China or for military projects in the United States or elsewhere.”
Seriously game publishers, just because you can patch doesn't mean you can do this kind of stuff. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will require a 50GB day-one patch -- the same size as the digital download version of the game.

I caught up with the Serial podcast on the way home today. This season is really good. I am really enjoying it.

#serial #podcast
Hey smokers who toss your cigarette butts out the window while driving, don’t be an asshole. Would you toss a used cigarette butt on the floor at home? No? Then don’t do it on the road either.
Good job Microsoft.

“[T]he use of patents to extract royalties was one of the major sticking points within the open source community, used as evidence that Microsoft was not genuine in its commitment to open source principles. By joining OIN, the company may be able to convince even the most ardent skeptics that it really does love Linux and open source.”

#microsoft #linux
Batman: The Animated Series and a Burger for lunch.

:batman: 🍔

#food #tv #batman
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