@ramsey afaik, "meatballs menu" is indeed a commonly used name for that icon, together with some other food-related menu names :)

Though the quick-draw tale may sound like an adventure of the Lone Ranger, this was no fictional event. In fact, it was one of many feats of Bass Reeves, a legendary lawman of the Wild West—a man whose true adventures rivaled those of the outlaw-wrangling masked character. Reeves was a real-life Black cowboy who one historian has proposed may have inspired the Lone Ranger.


“When the game is over, the king and pawn go back into the same box.”

it took a lot of patience to get through the super rough first season of Halo on Paramount+. here are my thoughts after finishing the season.


currently: here we are now, entertain us, i feel stupid and contagious.

at five guys. a dude who just ordered a double patty bacon cheeseburger with double cheese and double bacon is complaining that the machine is out of coke zero 🧐

“Whatever tweaks your freak pal.” -Ortega, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds S01E03.

So the going price for settling “utterly untrue” sexual harassment claims is apparently $250,000 🤔


#ElonMusk #billionaire #douchebag

Hey Fedi, do you know if there is a federated (perhaps even #ActivityPub-powered) cooking recipe hosting service? If not, let's 👏 make 👏 this 👏 happen!

I hate modern recipe websites. All of them are full with ads and tracking. The leading recipe hosting in my country loads over 30 different trackers, and that's excluding the ads!

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