I was actually published in a print magazine named BABBA/WCO. Back then, I was a sysop of a BBS.

In my 1994 article I wrote, "A better real-time connection type is TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol), with speeds exceeding 57.6Kbps."

Those were the days. I was the sysop of the BBS named Mookie's Place which ran Waffle BBS. It had two phone lines and was always busy. Fun times. I was part of the group.

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@mookie Nice, nice. 👍 I ran a single-line RemoteAccess system between '94 and '96 (I think it was!) Fun times.

One of the first things I did was write a bridge between its and my Internet connection (which was dial-up) so local users could also have an Internet email address and send/receive...very slowly (as I dialling out only every hour).

Man, now I need to dust off my bad ANSI art sk1llz. 😆

@andy Very cool! I didn't write a bridge for my BBS, the BBS software (Waffle) that I was using had built-in UUCP for handling both mail and NNTP news.

Sounds like we were both pioneers of bringing email to the masses :)

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