Yesterday's movie was Black Widow (2021). Black Widow is an exciting and action packed movie that gives Natasha Romanoff the standalone movie that she deserved so much earlier than now.

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@mookie Resisting the urge to read it 😅️. Debating whether its better to watch in theater or from the comfort of my couch.

@thumb Don't read it! LOL. Got and see the film, I rated 9 out of 10. I did watch it on Disney+ with Premiere Access -- 4K/Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. It was fine, but this film would definitely be a better watch on the big screen if you're comfortable going to the theaters (I'm not yet).

Black Widow spoilers 

@mookie I thought the Taskmaster casting was weird too. I have no problem making the character a woman, but they did the character dirty in this. Nothing like the real taskmaster

Black Widow spoilers 

@sexybenfranklin Totally agree. I felt like the character should have had a much larger role than "go fetch this, go kill that" + "feel sorry for me".

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