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A little bit about me:
🌜 im moon
🌜 i do art, writing, video games, fanwork
🌜 love old/obscure/retro gaming, esp bonanza bros, fantasy zone, treasure games, etc... some indie games too!
🌜 nb/agender, pronouns are it/its, they/them, moon/moons
🌜 thank you !

i should go back to making games on glorious trainwrecks....

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Aaaa I forgot to mention the 'Fictional Games' event on Glorious Trainwrecks:

'This is a game jam about games that do not exist or currently do not exist. [...] This game jam is heavily inspired by The works of Jorge Luis Borges and Stanisław Lem, so feel free to peruse their fictions. Suzanne Treister has also made some beautiful fictional video game stills.'

Make a game without actually making the game.

i finished codecademy's python 2 course, moving on to javascript now (flex)

ive had The Ballad of Guiteau stuck in my head for days now (starts at around 1:20)

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a kind soul uploaded fresh EverDrive Packs to, get 'em while they're hot~

EverDrive Packs contain all-ish game roms for any given console, neatly organized, *plus* optional, highly curated "game collection" folders that gather, say, all games with co-op, all games based on movies, a media site's top 25 underrated games on that system, etc.

you can build the packs yourself from No-Intro romsets...
but with these downloads that hard work's done 👍

oh my goddddd fallout 4 takes so long to install on ps4. ive seen all the SPECIAL cartoons three times over and it's only at 40%

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kink: implied transformation, LTTP Randomizer (AGDQ 2020) 

“forced to be a bunny at the whim of a live-stream audience” is a heck of a mood, huh

christ im so bored. i wish i could get up and move around or do Anything. no inspiration to draw or work on game =_=

im oddly nervous today but yesterday i felt pretty good

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today is....
-take a shower
-work on games and or writing and or art (leaning towards art)
-eat food
-visit parents later

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I swear i didn't arrange this on purpose. They line up to stare at me when they're hungry

i started cobbling together various parts of my prototypes into what will hopefully be a full game. its a dungeon crawler .... or something.

going to the urgent care clinic....Blargh...

hobbling around the house with a busted foot feebly putting things away before she comes over

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my mom is gonna come over to clean the house and i am. not looking forward to it lol. my house is a pigsty

I bought some nice new scissors for my Sewing Adventure's.....theyre SUPER sharp

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