Okay I’m officially logging out of this account peace out y’all

I’d rather just have buck do it bc he’s already done it for himself

I probably won’t be sleeping tonight tho so maybe I should see if I can do this on mobile

I’m moving to berries tomorrow I’m just exhausted tonight

You Should Leave .Social (CW: R*pe, P*do, Transphobia, Bestiality) 

I could have buck make me a berries account but idk where he is

Okay okay I’ll move to berries in a little bit how do I. Do that

Jesus everyone is moving to berries I might as well too. Not now tho bc I’m on mobile


Had a bad experience with my male coworker tonight and let me just say. Not a fan

anyone: im lawful-
me: oh so you like cops. you obey the law? huh? bitch? you a pig?

Today Shall be the Day in which We Abandon The Men That Bind Us and Love Girls.

Blessed Day, Wonderful to see the Lesbians Thriving.

thinking about how joseph joestar beats up racist cops. sexy as hell

I sneezed and felt my back flare up in pain so that was fun

I’m in so much pain bc of work it made it act up so bad

lesbians i just saw in hobby lobby i love you

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