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Incest mention 

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Incest mention 

also elle "yaoi is woke and feminist" thalassiq, lead writer on the arcana, is a reylo AND tweeted about fenris/dorian in a fake slave owner/slave scenario i cannot find the source on this but i bet @naggy has it

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incest (about the arcana) 

imagine liking men this post was made by lesbian gang

unless you have actually worked in retail, especially in a busy shop thats jam packed full of people. you have no right to say how ''''easy''' retail work is.

saying that someone bigoted must "have something wrong with them" is ableist. they are no different than you are psychologically, which makes it important to remember that you might fall for the same traps they did.

ngl her relationship must've been pretty shit if she left him for a fucking bee

i hate asking this, but since mom is out in seattle for brain surgery, we’re low on money. we need gas, food, and buy for rent and my mom’s medical bills. if you cant donate, please retoot this, and any donation is appreciated!

my paypal is

me: "can you help alleviate my depression"
the chicken in my arms: "bok"
me, sobbing: "thank you so much"

No wonder my head hurts so bad I’m fucking exhausted

i am just. a little lesbian. i cannot change this

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