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After manipulating numbers , usage of select data sets ,changing base line year and adding mirch masala the G.D.P growth rate of is at 4.2

Safe to assume that in reality GDP is growing at 2.5 - 3.0 %

Of course the government will blame NEHRU and my NEIGHBOR'S CAT for the poor economy.

@Deepsealioness @IndiasMuslims @vidyut

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Boost is the secret of a toot's energy !

So please be generous folks from

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A big welcome to all the twitter refugees from

Happy Tooting 😜

"Clapping and banging thalis produces a vibration that will destroy the immunity cells of the cornona virus thereby causing it to self destruct "

Waiting to hear this from whatsap warriors and bhakts .

My life would then be truly made.

From CAA to Corona we are hopping from one bad news to another.

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Need volunteers for rescue team ASAP. If U are around Delhi and want to help pls leave ur name & contact in my inbox(4 helping Injured & other financial aid)

Rescue team ke liye volunteers chahiye. Agar aap help karna chahte hain to apna naam aur contact number send kijiye.

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Yet another service added to the vast outsourcing services that India offers


(Interestingly here the service provider is the Indian government itself)

Yet another service added to the vast outsourcing services that India offers


(Interestingly here the service provider is the Indian government itself)

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All those bjPEE folks dancing & celebrating the Developed Nation tag, here's the 1st cut:
Trump imposes a $260 million penalty on India on visit eve.
This move is not just abt loss of $260 million in GSP benefits but also abt how many lakhs jobs cd b lost in specific industries when eco is facing growing unemployment & stagflation.

India’s per capita Gross National Income (GNI) is way below the threshold of $12,375: at just $2,000 is miles away 4m the status of a developed country.

Without claiming exemptions and opting for the new IT slabs one may pay more tax i guess.

Its a perfect BJP budget , seems something outside and something else when you read the fine print.

Sensex down , 6 th trashy budget by this strong government.Now all the 303 MP's can go have halwa and sing bajhans

Not an expert on finance but was only keen to hear about income tax cuts as it can create significant demand.

The cut seems meager to me , more like rationalization.If one forgoes exemptions they already avail not a lot will reach the pocket finally

If you earn 10 lakhs and above i guess the benefits are even lesser.

New slabs introduced & government thinks its simplification

Nominal G.D.P, Fiscal deficit and other projections are "Khayali pulao" laced with poetry,rhetoric and white lies.

RSS to shift focus to two-child policy’, says Mohan Bhagwat

The pot will be stirred as long as they are in power from one idea to another.

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It is not

An always correct nationalistic government VS misguided liberals + urban naxals + intellectuals + students + educated people + minorities

It is

An under performing divisive government in denial VS people with common sense feeling the pinch

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Here's the percentage of your life the U.S. has been at war.

Source: Washington Post

So 8866288662 is easily the most BJP esque mobile number ever.

Call it expecting jobs , free netflix , making new friends , sunny leonne , mega discounts,free data but get CAA in return.

List of states BJP could not retain power in 2019

Madhya Pradesh

List of states BJP performed poorly in 2019

Andhra Pradesh

Scrapped through Gujarat , needed a coalition in Haryana and had to break the Congress party in Karnataka for power

Voters are rejecting BJP consistently in the state elections

Modi/Central gov hype stands cause people still dont know which government i.e state or central to blame for their present problems

The government can muzzle the voice of opposition leaders, media owners,journalists,actors and industrialists by harming their commercial interests.

But the college students continue to express their opinions loud and proud as they dont have any COMMERCIAL INTERESTS.

There's is the true voice of reason.

When a dictatorial fascist is termed as a helpless victim its obvious that the biggest problem confronting our nation is "DENIAL"

They Government does not care about the bloodshed in the country.

All they are calculating is if it will benefit them in Jharkhand now and in the Delhi and Bengal elections coming next.

They can effortlessly convince their voter base that NEHRU is masterminding this rebellion along with urban naxalites and few terrorist organizations.

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“Imagination is a quality given a man to compensate him for what he is not, and a sense of humor was provided to console him for what he is.”

- Oscar Wilde

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If you beat up students, you bash up your country's future

If our home ministers says the sun rises in the east and sets in the west i will spend some time verifying that too.

That is the level trust i have in him !

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