I made a terrible website on purpose today.


I have recreated my first website from 1997, mostly. I don't remember much about the actual words from the old site but I'm pretty sure I found the exact same walking druid gif and starry sky background. The instrumental Paint It Black music is a different version but the same song.

If you want the full experience, make sure you let your browser auto-play the music.

Put together a TrueNAS box with an unused desktop computer I had. I had never done it before because I thought I would be sacrificing a whole machine just for file storage.

TrueNAS has a lot more capabilities than I realized. It is running a separate vm for my wireguard server and handling my dynamic DNS updates. And there are a bunch of plugins for other features like backup and Plex. I'm looking forward to seeing what else it can do.

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I am playing around with WSLG on my computer at work.

It's pretty cool to be able to run graphical Linux apps directly in Windows but most of the graphical Linux apps I use are cross-platform and have a native windows version already.

What graphical Linux apps would you want to run on Windows, if you have to use Windows for work?

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This account has been open for a few years now but I have not really spent any time here on mastodon yet.

I closed my Facebook account a few years ago but just deleted my Instagram account this morning.

I am a tech enthusiast. I like Linux. I work in IT.

I am looking forward to making some new friends here.


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