DHL just stopped by and dropped of new toys!
That’s going to be the last time seeing the shiny back in pristine condition. Waving hand

Today I did something very pro-mental-health and sat down and did some painting. This was a very good distraction from the crazy world we life in. It was very relaxing and for someone who hasn't done any painting whatsoever since school I think I did a pretty OK job. Most importantly I had fun doing it!

As a way to cope with life I tried to find *some* relaxation in fixing 2 bikes. New tires, new inner tubes, cleaned them and did the basic checkup for lights, breaks and gears.

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More and more I tend to dislike weekends as a thing that brings relaxation or happiness. It's all the same really.

Picking up IKEA furniture later. Pray for my sanity 🙏

It's day 4 (?) on setting up a new server after I can rm -rf /var/lib/ on the old one for a couple seconds and not know what's been deleted. Jesus I really hate doing this..

So nice of my brain to decide to have tons and tons of frantic thoughts when I'm trying to go to sleep. I've been laying here for good two hours now. I might step out on the balcony for a bit fresh air. Meh.

I want it to be the weekend already. Work makes me feel like the clown meme going around these days.

First order of business on this very cold Monday morning: take the 3rd sip of coffee, choke on it and HEAVILY spit it on all my three monitors and keyboard. Hey everyone my name is Moritz and I'm a functioning adult👋

Reading the changelog of for Arq 7 "We worked with Apple to get native APFS snapshot support into Arq 7." makes me feel jealous. My loved OSS backup solution does not. I'd love to know how Arq pulled this off! This is *critical* for a backup solution IMHO

TIL about the git command "git clone --filter=tree:0 <url>" and now I need to update all my build scripts 😅
"Treeless clones are really only helpful for automated builds when you want to quickly clone, compile a project, then throw away the repository. "

Why was the sky yellow all day. It was freaking weird. I did not like it at all!


I was troubleshooting a problem at work for about 5 hours.
The reason was DNS. I fucking kid you not. <Insert the infamous DNS haiku here>

I can't wait until it's getting warmer again. A very long Spring would be perfect right now. I can see myself sitting on the balcony, with a coffee, a good book enjoying the slight breeze and sun on my face.

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