I'm so exhausted today. Feel super drained and need to recharge over the weekend.

It still blows my mind how fast my internet at home has gotten. 32MB/s is just wild!

Uhh I picked up a new toy at work today. I have been working from home since March 100%!
It's a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon and boy is this thing sexy 🤤 Now I can bring my work tower pc back into the offie lol

I kind of want a DJI Mini 2 for Christmas. Since it's so small I could see myself use it to fly a bit and take some scenic shots when I'm hiking or am in nature in general. I haven't convinced myself to spend 600€ yet, so… but it's so cool!

I was on-call tonight and someone called and I kid you not fix the SVN server issue he is having. I almost puked in my mouth.

Contributing a new version of JetBrainsMono to nerd fonts :) My previous PR with an older version is still pending. There was an issue I was seeing and haven't hear back. Maybe in the new version it's gone. We will see I guess. github.com/ryanoasis/nerd-font

Now, let's address the bigger problem right now. 64 days? Are you kidding me? 🙃

There is always a Tweet. I hope that in a couple of years we can look back on this and learn. Not just Americans but also other countries like Germany where the far right is on the rise and the rhetoric of Trump is also being applied.
(Took a screenshot in case the tweet gets deleted)

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The horror is over. This nightmare is over. So many people I know and are in my thoughts can rest tonight knowing that there is a future for the US to get better. To heal and work on the problems which lie ahead: massive racism.
But now, lets celebrate this day!

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Went on a nice walk in the sun today. Almost 6km. Trying to feel better about myself.

someone at work just said smtp stands for "send mail to people" im dead

Damn! I had a HomePod Mini in my basket with delivery scheduled for end of December and I have to delete it again and now it jumped to the beginning of January.

If you're based in Germany, have an iOS device and are interested in cool iOS 14 widgets here is one for you! It gives you a really nice widget showing you the lates Covid statistics. github.com/rphl/corona-widget

Tomorrow is a big day for the US and the rest of the world. Hopefully they choose wisely. We won't know the final result of the election until weeks later but I am hoping and wishing for my friends and family in the US that this nightmare is over soon.

Also something for the brain to think about: "Why no one has measured the speed of light" from the great youtube channel Veritasium youtu.be/pTn6Ewhb27k

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