Earlier today I went and got ice cream. When I left, I noticed that they put in the wrong sort of ice cream in my cup. I went inside and told them. Me, a grown man, was overjoyed as they just put ANOTHER scoop of ice cream on on top of my first one. I wasn’t expecting it and it made me so happy 😃 There. This is all.

Did some tweeting in my thoughts about the Musk takeover of Twitter as a whole. Also reading so much hate on Twitter regarding Mastodon. I don’t get it. There are engineers out there being so shortsighted: if you don’t like mastodon, then build something else on top of ActivityPub and be able to talk to the rest of the broader network (Peertube, Mastodon,…). Heck, a lot of people hate the Apple Mail app and love using outlook - same thing.

I’ve been waiting for this for a long time 😅 #67 1/6 (100%)

Every once in a while the feeling of *hating* having things just hits me like a brick in the face.

Fuck no. I get enough unwanted spam notifications I haven’t signed up for, so I’m for sure not opting in to even more of that.

😍 yay my new @agetool@twitter.com stickers are here! Thanks @FiloSottile@twitter.com for sending them all the way to Germany 🇩🇪.
Now I need to find a spot on my already covered laptop…

Hot take: Nutella Biscuits > Prinzenrolle Cremys

I was literally doing PR work and thought "huh am I being rate limited? That's odd…"

I think it should be banned to install these flush valves in apartment buildings. If you know, you know!

First order or business on 2022-01-01: Got up early-ish, took out the garbage, cleaned up the glass shards from folks throwing bottles in the entryway and now sipping freshly brewed coffee on the balcony enjoying the sunshine and warm weather. 🙌🏻🥰

Knowing full and well that this might take another year or two. But as visibility/excitement of the project continues to increase and the groundwork is done, I imagine it being something which gets to a stable point fairly soon. The machines as they are, are tempting enough hah

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This is such an interesting project! The Mac and especially the modern hardware is so interesting. I can’t wait for when this project matures enough that I can excuse to get one of these machines as a daily driver with a linux dristro of choice. asahilinux.org/2021/12/progres

I repeat myself: This race was, again, absolutely bananas. Only one can win, but both would've absolutely deserved it. The problem wasn't them driving.

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If librarians want to become librarians, they have to go to the library and get a book about becoming a librarian. This is my meta moment of the day. That’s all.

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