I like that people are discussing alternatives to (yet again), and I also am fond of and what they've achieved in the past.

Having said that, I had to work with GitLab recently, and it was a nightmare. It's just trying too hard to be too many things at once & failing to be a serious contender for any of these purposes.

Please also consider alternatives like Gogs or Gitea. They both work incredibly well and are scaling to any size

+ I absolutely would love to see federated PRs and search, other goodies etc.!

Git + ActivityPub could finally loosen the firm grip GitHub has on source code hosting.

@moritzheiber What are the major differences between Gitea and Gogs?

Downloaded the binaries of #gitea and had a service up and running within seconds, could immediately authenticate with an #OpenId-account and migrated a repo from github within some minutes. *thumbs up*

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