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Moritz Heiber @moritzheiber

I like that people are discussing alternatives to (yet again), and I also am fond of and what they've achieved in the past.

Having said that, I had to work with GitLab recently, and it was a nightmare. It's just trying too hard to be too many things at once & failing to be a serious contender for any of these purposes.

Please also consider alternatives like Gogs or Gitea. They both work incredibly well and are scaling to any size

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+ I absolutely would love to see federated PRs and search, other goodies etc.!

Git + ActivityPub could finally loosen the firm grip GitHub has on source code hosting.

Gogs is poorly maintained, and Gitea appears understaffed to handle the huge number of issues already open on GH. I self-host Gitea and I'm mostly happy, but I think I'd have been better off self-hosting Gitlab. :/

@cathal I'm hosting Gitea myself, and believe me, I'm speaking from experience, compared to Gitea, self-hosting GitLab is an absolutely, ridiculously shoddy experience. The idiosyncrasies in both configuration, backend conventions and frontend paradigms are mind boggling.

And yes, Gogs has a governance problem, and Gitea is buckling under the load of interest it's getting .. but they are still very viable alternatives. And both problems are solvable, yet GitLab is just too far gone.

@moritzheiber @cathal consider gitbucket . large active community, regular releases for years. easy deploy for self hosting.

@moritzheiber What are the major differences between Gitea and Gogs?

Downloaded the binaries of #gitea and had a service up and running within seconds, could immediately authenticate with an #OpenId-account and migrated a repo from github within some minutes. *thumbs up*