You know, what has me concerned to most about this certificate issue isn’t that it happened.. things break, people fuck up, „Everything fails all the time“. It’s that it’s been 4 hours, and it still isn’t fixed 🤔

That’s a fairly terrible MTTR.



And now their Discourse instance, which people are to refer to for updates, is down as well 🙈

just announced in the bug report that they “should” have fixed it by extending the existing certificate’s lifetime (yes, that’s possible) and that it’s being rolled out now..

So that’s almost 9 hours to a fix? Big oof. 😵


And the conclusion: if only were to have had to deal with this before, I’m sure they would have been more prepared this time.. right?

It would appear that wasn’t the case, because this is the second this is happening _in a row_, the last time being exactly three years ago, when the now-expired intermediary certificate was created, as evidenced by this following bug report:

Simply baffling.

PS: Thanks to for pointing out the similarities!

@moritzheiber A Mozilla employee added the "armag-addon-2.0" (or similar) tag to the new bug and linked to the original "armagaddon" entry. It's not super obvious though.

@galaxis @moritzheiber

bush league hour. This bad PR is going to linger forever in a Google search

In a competitive system the underdog has to pay the tax and be better/cheaper than the other options. It might not be fair, but it's life. Mozilla current PR handling is not filling me with confidence in how they handle the post-mortem

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