Firefox has now and “Enhanced Tracking Protection”.


It whitelists Google, Facebook, Instagram, Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon, Adobe and many more.

/via @aral


@skynebula @aral Hey Jeremy .. just wanted to say, if you continue to use Individious you might want to consider the following thread:

It's the author of Invidious turning a blind eye towards the impact of Gab and Dissenter, and their clearly hateful, racist and alt-right audience

@moritzheiber @aral Oh fuck!!
Why can't we have at least one service that it really ethical!...
Thanks for enlightening me on that!

@skynebula @aral I was devastated myself, honestly, and serious CW for reading the entire thread .. the gaslighting, white-washing and relativism is a reason I have abstained from further commenting on it, it's very frustrating, exhausting and just generally incredibly sad 😞

@skynebula @aral It's a service, literally made by Gab, which is basically a "filter-bubble-as-a-service" for the alt-right .. and yes, it's a very deep and dark rabbit hole

@moritzheiber @aral For my own sanity, I won't dig deeper in that rabbit hole.
Thanks again for the info!

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