I also got some fucking amazing pics of me in leathers yesterday but pretty much all are explicit so no posting. Might stick some crops up later or something, we'll see I guess.
I just want to take a moment to gloat about my photographic genius. 👌🏻

I think I might stop answering questions about what camera I'm using. A kind of aged-grain from using shit old lenses aside, the only pics it makes a difference with is the birds, the rest it's inconsequential. The constant focus on equipment instead of understanding I have a good grasp of light and composition is frustrating. Some of my best photos this year were taken with a 3yo mobile phone. It's not the camera.


@sophia "If I only get the same equipment as you I'd also take this good a set of pictures, don't gloat!"

Sigh, some people ..

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@moritzheiber I keep getting accused of stealing my own photos, lmao
I guess the subtext is ' You can't be good enough to have taken these'

@sophia Yeah, it's probably a whole mixture of fragile masculinity, tech bro affection and hurt egos .. 🙄

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