All the hate is justified..

Yet, I have didn’t see anyone talking about alternatives, whereas @Framasoft is literally building a free and open source alternative as we speak and they deserve every piece of attention and support for it possible.

Go ahead and take a look:

PS: And put your money where your mouth is

@aidalgol @moritzheiber They've just announced they'll take more money

This is a true coincidence, because today is also the 1st beta release of #Mobilizon

So let's thank MeetUp for giving us even more reasons to free our events from their walled garden :troll: !

@aidalgol @Framasoft

Basically, $2 for every participant, or you as an organizer choose to pay for your participants in their stead

@moritzheiber @Framasoft THere is, which is already out there. I wish more folks would talk about alternatives rather than build new platforms because what Meetup solves is community and promotion, not "RSVPs for events".

@craigmaloney @moritzheiber Obviously, we have talked with GetTogether team before launching our fundraising and our development.

We concluded that both projects were different enought to be developped. The good news is they both use #activitypub, so they will be able to federate/communicate with eachother eventually.

@moritzheiber @Framasoft Cool. As long as we can cross-polinate the communities of both groups that would be awesome. What I'm seeing folks doing though is trying to replicate the least-difficult pieces of meetup (calendar, RSVP) and not the harder parts (community building, event promotion, etc.). I think that's the key to making something great here.

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