‪It’s already time for a new beta to my upcoming mastodon app, and this update’s HUGE. From toot composer enhancements to emoticons, filters to scheduled toots, accessibility enhancements to drafts, and much more. It’s the ONLY mastodon app worth using.‬


@JPEG Quick feedback (written inside the new app): the image preview is a little wonky. Take your post I’m replying to.. just from the stream timeline I wouldn’t have guessed that there are actually 4 images attached to it and not just 2 (it’s only showing two in the timeline). Also, I’m really used to “swiping” between images on a single toot, which Mast2 doesn’t support (yet)?

@moritzheiber Thanks for the feedback! The horizontal image scroller in timelines is intentional to keep things minimal and not be overwhelming, but may add some sort of indicator to suggest how many images there are. And yes planning to add swipe through images at some point.


@JPEG it just needs to tell me “Hey, there are more than two images here” .. other than that it looks great. I’d also love for actions on toot “presses” to have options (ie being able to directly fav/boost from the timeline) but that’s a preference that might come later

@moritzheiber You can long-hold or deep-press on timeline toots to present actions, although these don’t work yet in the beta, will add it!

@JPEG yeah, I’ve discovered that already. I just love how simple Tweetbot’s interactions are with individual tweets.. thought I’d mention that

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