I cannot emphasize this enough: there isn't a "hype" around hydrogen as an actual "replacement" for fossil fuels or alternate sources of energy because it's a viable replacement, no, there's a vested business interest of the established fossil fuel industry/energy sector to remain in power as the main source for fuel, no matter its origin, with a centralized infrastructure, monopolistic pricing and control and a "secure" stream of revenue toot.thoughtworks.com/@njoseph

Can hydrogen be a part of a healthy energy mix? Of course, given certain conditions.

But can it be "the replacement" for fossil fuels? Definitely not. And especially not as a major part of the mix!


The answer to our 21st century energy needs has to be decentralized, independent, but connected energy production and storage (through solar, wind, thermal and water), with more reliable sources of (clean) energy (e.g. hydrogen, biomass and maybe even nuclear) to even out the inevitable spikes in consumption and production generated by the major parts of the decentralized network.

Any other system is just going to perpetuate the status quo, which got us into this mess.

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