I did an inadvertent self-experiment lately where I tried to replace my (non-backlight, old af) Kindle with my iPad, and it absolutely _wrecked_ my sleep cycle and quality of sleep.

So I finished the book on my Kindle and now I’m back to reading paper books, because, guess what, reading them correlates with higher melatonin levels:

Additionally, this year‘s experiment of _only_ buying physical books from independent book stores close to me (not ordering them online and having them shipped etc) is going great!

And the factor I hadn’t even considered before is the lack of pressure to read/instant gratification and competition! If your book is actually 50-100 books and you haven’t read some of them yet it becomes a constant underlying current of thought.

Whereas _a_ book is just that. A book. Read it, enjoy it.

@moritzheiber the study compared iPad to books, wonder where passively lit ebooks sit?

I prefer reading on my Kindle to my Android tablet but not sure what it does to my sleep.

@moritzheiber tbh it's a bit stupid. Of course looking into a light keeps you awake more.. E-ink presumably does better..

Also why not white(or even red?) letters on black background, it's better...

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