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"Simple things are complicated: making a show password option" by Andy Sellick

This is the kind of in-depth analysis I really love. Features like this always sound simple until you look into the details.

This leads me to playing about an hour, max.

And it’s just the right amount of leisure time I want to spend on computer games, mixed with the fun of playing the game and the relief of NOT playing the anymore 😅

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I started playing “Command & Conquer: Tiberium Wars” again.. it’s still as fun and brutal as I remember it.

My deal with it is: I’m playing it as long as it’s fun, and once I get frustrated (because my style of play doesn’t work in the relevant mission or I’m not moving fast enough for the game) I just .. stop.

I quit the game and do something else.

And it works wonders.

I can return to the game after a while (few hours to days) and enjoy it again, no matter how hard it is.

New #blogpost: “Misinformation about Permissions Policy and FLoC”.

Lots of people have been spreading the often-unnecessary advice to add a Permissions-Policy response header to their sites, and some have been going so far as to ask FLOSS maintainers to patch their software to make this the default.

If you read the actual proposals and W3C specs, you’ll find a different story.

Everybody: please calm down, take a deep breath, and read before you make such prescriptive advice.

FLoC is terrible, but telling everyone to add a magic “opt-out header” in every situation conveys a misunderstanding of everything you need to know about the opt-in/out process.

Sorry, Markus Söder, aber die „helle Seite der Macht“ ist schon besetzt

@moritzheiber I just double-checked and I think the opt-out syntax is correct. It was taken from the W3C Group's own GitHub page on

Whocanuse, an accessibility checker for contrast ratio, along with simulation.

Additionally, this year‘s experiment of _only_ buying physical books from independent book stores close to me (not ordering them online and having them shipped etc) is going great!

And the factor I hadn’t even considered before is the lack of pressure to read/instant gratification and competition! If your book is actually 50-100 books and you haven’t read some of them yet it becomes a constant underlying current of thought.

Whereas _a_ book is just that. A book. Read it, enjoy it.

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I did an inadvertent self-experiment lately where I tried to replace my (non-backlight, old af) Kindle with my iPad, and it absolutely _wrecked_ my sleep cycle and quality of sleep.

So I finished the book on my Kindle and now I’m back to reading paper books, because, guess what, reading them correlates with higher melatonin levels:

Wusstet ihr, das wir den Verkehr ernten, den wir säen? Viele Studien beweisen: Baust du Autobahnen, kommen MEHR Autos. Daher habe ich eine andere Idee.

Viele von uns denken, dass wir schon immer nicht ohne Auto mobil sein konnten. Was aber wäre, wenn es ein Recht auf ein Leben ohne eigenes Auto gäbe? Wenn Alternativen geschaffen würden, die uns Zeit und Geld freisetzen, weil wir keinen PKW fahren und unterhalten müssen? Gute Idee finde ich. Geht aber nur, wenn wir das auch fordern.

I'm simultaneously connected to four different online chat/video-audio platforms with shitty Electron clients ..

This is fine 🔥

0% Datenschutzprobleme
100% direkte Clusterverfolgung per Check-In.

Die Corona-Warn-App und die kleine Schwester @CCTG ist mit ihrer direkten Vermittlung zwischen Infizierten für mich die bessere Wahl.

Die #Luca App macht nur Sinn für Leute, die ihre Kontaktverfolgung gerne zusätzlich und freiwillig von Gesundheitsamt und Veranstalter mit Verzögerung organisieren lassen wollen.

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