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Site is finally up and running now after a small migration from domains and a quick rebuild.

Be sure to check out my many snaps while out doing street photography in PDX and NY

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Hello, I'm Josh.

I live in

I'm classified as a meat popsicle.

I was on the Ramblin' Rod Show

I am a robot in my mind ,

I like bikes and cameras and sometimes I do both at the same time.

Should Activity Pub auto tag content for what it is?

Example: I come here and search for the hash tag which mastodon state about 336 people a week use which is still more not very much if you divide that over the whole week 336 / 7 = about 48 people a day. Even still what you wont see if stuff from @pixelfed because when you are on pixelfed everything you post is . So that gets back to my original point. Why not auto tag what a thing it is?

When someone mistakenly puts localhost as one of their attack vectors in the prism project. 👀

Not enough photographers here.
Step up the tags people.

Hot dam, really love this LiveView phoenix is pushing. I honestly never liked react or angular or ember for that matter.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that if you are the only person who posted for the whole fucking day in a give tag to promote your services that there is likely no fucking reason to do it again the next day. Hoes in I'm looking at you. Honestly it's this that turns people off fro mastodon. TBH I don't give a shit about seeing sex ads, I just don't want to see the same fucking one 90% of the time in my feed. Mix it the fuck up already or move on.

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