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Did a second video on the by @PINE64 , compared to the by @Purism and touched on the possible future of smartphones.

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Just watched @lunduke's vid on @GIMP . Anyone who finds the name offensive must have a boring sex life. Gimp is an S&M term, maybe they should put tux in a gimp suit for a logo?

Upgrading my computer OS to linux mint 19.2 & linux kernel to 5.2.8. Fun night.

It's impossible for someone on suicide watch to kill themselves in any way, that plus the 4 chan post & the nose, ears & facial lines don't match make me believe the story is a pile of horse shit. Given his wealth & connections i'd say he's alive.

Second pair of insoles from Dr. Scholls by Bayer with a label issue. Two different models from 2 different retailers means this isn't a small issue & could qualify as false advertising in a court of law.

This is what my twitter got suspended for, I was forced to delete it too.

Got my suspended for calling out . I like this site a lot better.

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Logically speaking would have to be a spaceship carrying 2 DNA samples of every species on the planet, (1 male sample/1 female sample) and advanced cloning technology.

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