For GNOME users: Have you set up a compose key?

(If not, you should; it's fantastic. My use case is in a reply.)


I've never heard of compose keys before, but the only other language I know is German and I don't think compose keys will help me too much there

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@morxemplum I just posted my use case; maybe read it and see. The main use is for typing special characters—like em dashes.

@benjaminhollon @morxemplum
I change the em dash sequence to just - -, because I rarely ever need an en dash.

@mattdm @morxemplum True, that works! I Do use en dash, for citing quotations, but I could probably switch that to something else; say -.

@mattdm @benjaminhollon I have to switch to a German keyboard to get those characters usually, but I don't see how those characters could be reproducible other than maybe a few periods.

@morxemplum @mattdm äöü I was able to type with <compose> + <letter> + "

Not sure about the beta symbol.

But the combinations are customizable as someone else pointed out to me; I just haven't tested that yet.

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