Just said goodbye to her here at home, surrounded by her family.

This is an older picture (she has *much* more white now), but I love it.

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@moseley She’s always been a chow hound, so we knew that was trouble.

The vet didn’t find anything explicitly wrong. We switched up foods and that would help for like a day.

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RIP Sadie bear. I’m glad you won’t be in pain anymore.

After almost 16 years, her back legs were really giving her trouble. They’d give out on her and she’d get stuck.

Recently, she stopped wanting to eat her food (fairly expensive stuff).

You: this is a broken in a recent build

After most of a day looking into this...

Me: Lol, this doesn’t work with builds from last year.

Me: <internal screaming intensifies>

Yesterday sucked. But today I don’t have to work, it is sunny outside, and my coffee came out pretty good.

@moseley After doing this, she is usually a bit slow for a meal, but then she’s back to her chow-hound self. Not this time. Vet checked her out. Nothing. Meds didn’t really help either. Given her age, we thought it was near the end.

On a lark we bought a bag of the most expensive food we could find. She LOVES it and has no problems eating it.

My 16 year old lab played me, I think.

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I think our 16 year old lab was doing a hunger strike to get better food.

We’ve always given her pretty expensive kibble (high quality meat, no grain), but she recently stopped eating. This was after she found and ate one my daughter’s socks (her favorite!!) and threw up at 3 AM.

Ugh, vacation already feels like it was months ago (only 2 weeks). Exhausted already again.

So we have teenagers that like to make out in front of our house on the weekend. Not really sure why - I suspect one of them lives at the end of the street and they are coming up towards us to get away from their parents.

Am I a bad person for buying an air horn on Amazon so I can use it the next time this happens?

Watched the first episode of Fat, Salt, Acid, and Heat on Netflix. It took place in Italy and now I *really* want fresh pasta and some prosciutto.

Holy shit am I hungry. Also, I want to go to Italy.


Sobering read:

‘But the potential impact of the Mueller report does suggest yet another eerie similarity to the interwar period—how the toxic divisions in domestic politics led to the complete inversion of previous political orientations.’


‘“It’s a lot of work — maybe they don’t want to do it,” Grassley told the Wall Street Journal, NBC News’

Wow, fuck you Sen. Grassley.

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Ahhhh the reports from Cassini’s final mission (before intentionally vaporizing) are being released. Amazing! Charged ring material falls into Saturn’s atmosphere and other brand-new F A C T S jpl.nasa.gov/news/news.php?fea

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Serious and important plea: any US people here who have ordered medications from Canada, online or by mail/in person? Any pharmacies or resources to recommend? (I'd appreciate replies limited to helpful advice—thanks!)

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My team at Apple is looking for a full stack web dev who will focus on front-end work. Link below, or feel free to send resumes directly to me. Private messages welcome, boosts appreciated.


Work email turned off. Vacation mode engaged.

Finally watching Solo.

On first watch, liking it better than The Last Jedi. Why did so many bag on this movie?

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