‘Men have a tendency to eat meat so they’re perceived as manly, and changing that gender stereotype could lead to a reduction in carne consumption, according to a UCLA study’

We are living in a climate emergency with animal agriculture being the leading cause of most of the environmental problems that we are facing today. This world urgently needs more selfless protectors and less toxic masculinity: for the animals, the planet & for your own health.

@moshtodon it's interesting. I'm strictly vegetarian but my partner is not (due to iron deficiency). No matter how often we clarify, people assume it's reversed: that she's the vegetarian and I eat meat.

I often wonder whether it's because of stereotypes, and I'm kinda feeling like yes, probably it is.

@BlacKernel I didn't feel right about killing a living creature when we have the luxury of alternatives, and the industrialization of constant death seems morbid. It's become an ecological concern now, but at the time I wasn't fully aware of that angle.

Honestly it's habit now, and I hardly think of it as a choice. It's just kinda what I do.

@klaatu @BlacKernel I don't want to sound rude or judgemental or anything but have you considered veganism, because a lot of vegetarians don't know about how cruel the dairy, the egg and the honey industries are: youtube.com/watch?v=pUsqS1k8Bu

@moshtodon @klaatu I too wish not to sound rude, but aren't plants living creatures as well? In fact, in a lot of ways, the same arguments that can be made against cruelty to animals can be made with cruelty to plants. The biggest difference being that humans are not able to hear plants scream.

I am not against veganism or vegetarianism, I just have never understood this particular argument. The study of both animal and plants ability to experience what we would call cruelty is in its early phases, and some evidence (Such as https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/507590v4 ) suggest that plants can also experience a form of pain.

I am not trying to "change your mind" or anything, as I have heard many other compelling arguments for the benefit of vegetarianism and veganism and, as you said, it's a habit anyway at this point. I just wanted to get your thoughts on this.

@BlacKernel @klaatu haha don't worry, in 6 years as vegan I heard everything so please ask me what you want 😊
AFAIK plants can't suffer because they lack a nervous system or consciousness to experience suffer (and makes sense from an evolutionary perspective)
Plants are incredible living beings though :)

@BlacKernel @klaatu But let's imagine that they could suffer and cutting a potato would be the same as cutting a dog's throat or a pig's throat. Even in this scenario the best thing to do would be to become vegan because it requires the less amount of plants to live.

@moshtodon @klaatu The only real problem with this argument comes down to what amounts to theology. Weather or not killing a plant is the same as killing an animal is the same as killing a person and weather or not there is an acceptable number of people, animals, or plants one can kill for the sake of ones own survival. Pragmatism in morality is a pretty slippery slope, in my experience.

@BlacKernel @klaatu sure, but a lion eat other animals to survive, we don't, we kill only for pleasure since eating animals is just an option. But even if they did not do that for survival, just because a lion kills another animal, it doesn't justify us doing the same thing. Lions also kill their babies, but it doesn't justify infanticide

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