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Finished! Another sketch based on my photo, this time made during a hike on small mount in Zürich 😊

#mastoart #art #Switzerland #Zurich #uetliberg #sheep #sketch #sketchbook #femaleartist #markers

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@pixelfed why not leaving us use it through Fedilab in the meantime?

Today is a terrible day for Spanish democracy.

@bruhjite it's usually used for spoilers, NSFW, rants and yes, sometimes personal long posts but feel free to post it without CW if you want.

Saw this today while casually scrolling. People can be so closeminded when it comes to food

that there has been a boat/barge trapped in the rapids above Niagara Falls for over 100 years

Scientists replaced 40 percent of cement with rice husk cinder, limestone crushing waste, and silica sand, giving concrete a rubber-like quality, six to nine times more crack-resistant than regular concrete. It self-seals, replaces cement with plentiful waste products, and should be cheaper to use.

@kunsi well, it's Halloween, so must of us will look as dead but we're certainly not.

...I hope.

@sophia these dinos are the best thing that ever happened to my TL ❤️

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that have designated paramedics that are assigned to rescue their wounded soldiers, carry them back to their nest and help them heal by gently holding the hurt limb in place with their mandibles and front legs while intensely “licking” the wound for up to 4 minutes.

In traditional societies that have no access to processed sugars and white flour, many indigenous people have no cavities, and flash smiles with perfect pearly white teeth, even though tooth brushing is rare. The next generation of natives who eat processed food began to develop crooked

Roses are red
Violetes are blue
I want to debate
At an open with you

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