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Being a lead developer means giving the cool stuff to other team members. That's the price for leading a team.

If you are the leader who builds the high-tech stuff and "delegates" the boring tasks, rethink your career. Juniors are not your assistants.

@MikeVeerman Funny thing is for a CSR position or similar, tracking performance is straightforward, and work from home is significantly cheaper for the employer. Yet many private and public agencies still run call centers 🤑

Management's incompetence encourages this, most orgs are still stuck in the butt in seat mindset, whereby if someone isn't punching a clock and being managed like a small child, the manager feels useless. Really just costs the employer overall, offices ain't cheap!

feeling occasional mild discomfort is fine and something we should all expect and be prepared for when interacting with other people in the world

Commutes are free for employers. If those 2 hours lost on the road would be paid, remote work would have been the standard since the 90's.

Las pecas de quererte más que a mi vida, la mirada de darlo todo y la sonrisa de no estar tramando nada bueno.


Grita, aúlla, araña,
te devora el alma,
tu cerebro estalla.
Sentimiento irracional,
miedo primigenio,
debacle en el interior
de tu tierno corazón
ardiendo en mil infiernos.

Rake M. de L.

anti-capitalist reminder: you are worth so much more than your productivity

Remember the Promise. DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICANS OF AMERICA mount up. Never argue, just debate. Bring it all back home 2020.

www.MostlyVideo.WORK ... calling all anrcho collabz worldwide ... check out our portfolio and hit contact if you wish to share and share alike ... the MidWest is the BEST

from blue stash cinema krew vault comes the SFD 2003 Talent Show

MAY DAY. MAY DAY. MAY DAY. I say again: MAY DAY. Rise up. Speak out. Never stop. There is nothing to fear but fear. Perfection is the Enemy. Professionalism is the Enemy. Materialism is the Enemy. No individual is the enemy. Greed is the Enemy. Understand your Role. Know Your Self. Follow Your Path. Believe in the Body Collective. Ride the Train to Freedom. Follow the Five Stars. Believe in Love and Kindness. Ignore the side-eyes and sneers. Hug a cop. Make friends with a banker. Art Wins 5.1.19

Godspeed you Black Red White and Blue Emperors. The Times are a-Changin'. Wear your flags with Pride. Love your Neighbor. Eat the Rich with Mercy. Wake, Pray, Slay. Shut down the programs of Vietnow. The Mystery of Iniquity is known. L Hill spoke Truth. Zach de la Rocha spoke Truth. Banksy lurks in your alleys. Call out to him. Light the fire. Paul Revere rides again. The kings and queens will surrender swiftly, for they are cowards. We got the numbers. Slay, my family. Slay. Slay. Slay.

Choose a side. Are you with the materialists and scum who destroy educational resources in low-income neighborhoods of color? Or are you a renegade on the side of love and justice? Make a choice now. Begin speaking in public. Have no fear. The time is now. End privatization schemes. Whose streets are these? They are OUR STREETS. Whose public spaces are these? They are OUR SPACES. Fight peacefully and with abandon. There is no other way. SPEAK UP. SPEAK OUT. ALL PEOPLE UP. NONE DOWN.

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