perhaps i am less normal than the impression i have given up until now!!!!

i didn't know stephen king got in a car crash
we could have been friends
could've got married

@abraxas i knew he was In there but i had no idea of the depth until very recently

Feeling like those fruits i used to hang around with at age 17

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Ive shaved most of my body and i feel like an insufferable default twink

deranged traumatised space monarchist couple: *kissing*
luc and i: 🥺🥺🥺

@multiocular extremely wise, oracle at brighton. I will return for your wisdom once more

@crow yeaah that's a good idea always essentially... The platforms a bit weird to get used to but as long as you kinda just, stick to people you trust you don't have to deal with anyone's bullshit, even in the same instance

@crow you!!! You're here.. it's good to see you 😊😊😊

sunk cost has had me so weak for naruto since i was 12

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