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if she's your girl why did she murder me in my sleep and bury me under the floorboards only to proclaim herself guilty due to hearing my heart beating?

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jk rowling can prove shes not transphobic by funding my transition with her wizard money

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i want it on the record that all my posts about girls include trans girls and all my posts supporting lesbians include trans lesbians
terfs fuck off, goodnight send toot

*pokemon voice* bye mom im going to go make this monkey burn a worm to death

Anyway here's a stream of Terry Crews painting in a cozy living room with a crackling yule log

krusty krab is unfair
mr krabs is in there
standing at the concession
plotting his oppression

being gay gives you the right to commit felonies because for the longest time it was illegal for us to exist. we were the felonies.

i take a break from naruto to see if im missing any good memes and theres only been a handful of posts since i was on an hour ago wtf

my brother doesnt think i can make it through all of naruto so to prove him wrong im now obligated out of spite to watch every single piece of naruto content out there

Why play cowboys and indians and practice colonialism when you could play cowgirls and cowgirls and practice kissing girls?

i eat gender cereal for breakfast
the cis cry out โ€œno please, not our beloved genderโ€
i look them dead in the eye and
cromch cromch

scamming rich people is moral and also always hilarious send toot

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