*pokemon voice* bye mom im going to go make this monkey burn a worm to death

Anyway here's a stream of Terry Crews painting in a cozy living room with a crackling yule log

memories are stored in the tiddies, that’s why they’re called memory glands

Me when I realise I dont see any rats:

"Aw rats!"

Me when I do see rats:

"Awww, rats!"

Smash follow for more excellent rat posts

krusty krab is unfair
mr krabs is in there
standing at the concession
plotting his oppression

being gay gives you the right to commit felonies because for the longest time it was illegal for us to exist. we were the felonies.

i take a break from naruto to see if im missing any good memes and theres only been a handful of posts since i was on an hour ago wtf

gonna fill tumblr w breastfeeding photos tomorrow bc thats allowed for. some reason. im glad it is allowed but like. if you have a baby ur nipple no longer counts as female presenting found the loophole

my brother doesnt think i can make it through all of naruto so to prove him wrong im now obligated out of spite to watch every single piece of naruto content out there

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