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Why play cowboys and indians and practice colonialism when you could play cowgirls and cowgirls and practice kissing girls?

i eat gender cereal for breakfast
the cis cry out โ€œno please, not our beloved genderโ€
i look them dead in the eye and
cromch cromch

scamming rich people is moral and also always hilarious send toot

HEY!!!!!!!!!! rember to drinbk water. take medicide ,..... eat Food!!! i lovbve you

If Someone Promises To Protect The Rights Of One Oppressed Group, But Opposes The Rights Of Another, Do Not Believe Their Lies. They Are Vile. If Gay, Bi, And Lesbian People And Their Supporters Fail To Protect Transgender People, Then Not Only Are We Morally Bankrupt, We Are All Endangered. Because Those Who Oppose The Rights Of Any One Of Us Do Not Actually Care About Any Of Us, And In Fact Weaken Us, Whether They Intend It Or Not. All Of Us Are Either Liberated Together Or Perish Together.

sasuke sasukekin connor turochamp nico fursuit finlay daemonologie drop out of high school and start a my chemical romance cover band with me

why do i like my chemical romance so much. what the fuck

someone: sasuke gay
everyone: cheers
me: sakura gay
everyone: cricket noise

this is the magical big suit david byrne, it only appears once in a lifetime. boost for good luck

sakura harunos attraction to sasuke stems from heteronormativity in this essay i wi

listen sasukekin i also believe in oppressing sakura bc so far she kinda just gets on my nerves but that doesnt change the fact that her feelings for sasuke stem from heteronormativity

cant believe sasuke sasukekin is denying the truth that sasuke uchiha is gay and sakura haruno is a lesbian

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm going through my tumblr art blog and. does anyone remember down with cis???? cause my art blog does

sakura and sasuke are both gay how the fuck do they end up together send toot

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