it's eurovision tomorrow, so i recorded a cover of 'euro-vision' (telex, 1980, quatorze points), one of my favourites. please pardon my poor french accent!

art, nsfw, πŸ”ž, eye contact 

POV: when the decor is on its A game but you're still the gorgeousest thing in the room

art, nsfw, πŸ”ž 

'Are you going to introduce me to your friend there?'

trusted stylist

Candice and Okabe are Starknight321's characters - thanks for the commission!

We were met at the Dance by Captain Regency of whom you have heard so much, and who in Person does not disappoint, far from't β€” forgive me Sister I am yet Aflutter β€” a proper Gentleman! in Form and Substance both β€” and such Drollery, but only such as a Nicety of Manner would permit β€”

blessed tomato children

thanks to Neoscottie for the commission of their character!

β€˜No why don't *you* ride *your* horse in the way you think best and *I'll* simply do the same with *mine* thank you.’
β€˜Benno, you're four feet off the ground, you're not in any - ’
β€˜*Thank* you!’

oh hello

thanks to Raeth for the commission of their and Delak's characters!

(and why is a next-gen console mag deploying an eddie money reference? deadlines, i guess)

relocation, relocation, relocation!

thanks to @Ormur for the commission of his character!

the joy of discovering cool computer science books in your boyfriend's personal library, the pain of struggling to understand their content (or his enthusiastic explanations of it)

oh i just throw it on when i'm around the house

(i would if i had one like this, honest)

insomnia's silver lining is that she gets to be there for this

(okay, it doesn't flash as such? but i'm not sure whether the quick cutting and high contrast might trigger photosensitive epilepsy. if in doubt, here are some stills)

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flashing images, high contrast 

september 2020: phaedra and clemence work out the AV sync issues in their installation piece, just in time for the gallery (like everything else) to shut down again

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