alcohol, undertale, deltarune 

- just to be clear: i have *no* idea who i'm supposed to be.
- i have tried to explain.
- i know, my brain just files it as Stephen Nerdy Shit. … i mean, i look cool as hell, i'm not complaining.

- flipping heck. one minute we're having a nice day out, the next she goes all beryl burton on me.
- sorry! got a bit carried away. … beryl burton?

the shift at the citizens advice bureau helping people with their benefits is voluntary; the hangover from last night is not

crunch time is daily progress update time

(magical invisi-monitor because i didn't think the composition through, whoops)


- ok folks. we sure about this?
- yeah! do it!
- 100%.
- [prolonged clicking] ... it is done.

the band push the button on rebranding from THRONES OF PESTILENCE to TUNA BREATH

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