sfw but a smidge horny 

@irisjaycomics thank you for the introduction! schoolhouse rock was never broadcast here so he's new (and delightful) to me

@wolfteeth i enjoyed it! strange and good. thank you for the heads-up

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uspol-adjacent art 

fan art of the original character design by Joey Ellis: joeyellis.com/

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uspol-adjacent art 

fivey fox, from projects.fivethirtyeight.com/2

('probabilistically' is a real word, i checked)

4. (i recognise the absurdity of trying to turn music i've *already released once* to fundraising purposes… it's not ideal, but it's all i've got at the moment. i hope to be more creatively useful soon)

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3. my whole discog is currently pay what you want, but i'll donate all sales revenue this week to Stand Against Racism and Inequality sariweb.org.uk/

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bandcamp is donating its revenue share to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund today (june 19th), so:

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passing along a collection of links i saw on birdsite, to donate money to help protestors, victims of racist violence, and anti-racist organizations: blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/#

art, video call semi eye contact 

S: hellooo!!!
E: now why's it doing that. hang on
P: doesn't matter. how are you?

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art, video call semi eye contact, covid-adjacent 

maura is a Professional who has been doing video interviews for months ('so what does a restaurant critic do when they're all shut?'); alex enjoys operating in the space between 'doesn't know how to do it' and 'deliberately doing it wrong'

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art, vaping, video call semi eye contact 

F: i dunno. sorry. i'm not fun right now.
S: You don't have to be fun. It's good to hear from you. That you're still in one piece.
F: yeah, cohesion is maintained.


@Cerulean thank you! now i'm wondering what that series would be about…

hello folks. i've put some new music out:


9-track mini-album, various downtempo styles. pay what you wish. enjoy!

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