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@xinjinmeng This looks gorgeous and I don't even like pies.

@Lobst I shied away from entering the jam, but your posts did get me looking into Godot, since it seems to tick all my game dev boxes (self-contained, non-commercial, properly powerful). The tutorials are really good, but I definitely felt like I'd left the building into the wilderness when I began trying to do things that the tutorials didn't cover. It's a step change having to use its constructs appropriately rather than the 'update value, draw on screen' directness I'm used to in Pico-8

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@Cerulean this is so clever

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As Pride month winds down, allow me to share an idea that, because I'd done the planet symbols, I already snuck into the Cerulea type family and am putting into Anachrony too.

We've gotten accustomed to this ⚧ but have you noticed how crowded it is in the upper left? It balances the symbol but at small sizes it gets all mushed up. And it represents…"both"? Oddly redundant?

I replaced it with a lightning bolt shape. For the nonbinary it represents another equal thing not defined in terms of the first two. For the rest of us it represents the power to change what we want. But importantly, this is not meant to be a different symbol with a specific meaning, nor am I calling for it to replace the original. It is an ALLOGRAPH of the trans symbol. Like the one- and two-storey forms of the letter "a", or the simple and binocular "g", interchangeable to suit different contexts on grounds purely of aesthetics and clarity.

Comparisons to the "queer villain" flag are coincidental but not out of line.

@irisjaycomics mozilla is your friend who's basically good-hearted but has the worst judgement in people. trusting this Pocket dude who's full of crap

enjoy the contest if you're watching. les frontières sont ouvertes! 🇪🇺

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it's eurovision tomorrow, so i recorded a cover of 'euro-vision' (telex, 1980, quatorze points), one of my favourites. please pardon my poor french accent!

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POV: when the decor is on its A game but you're still the gorgeousest thing in the room

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Now YOU can read the sexy fantasy heist comic @itsnero and I made in a luxurious full-color book designed by
! I'm still absolutely head over heels with how this story came out, and I'm so excited that it's getting the print job it deserves.

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'Are you going to introduce me to your friend there?'

trusted stylist

Candice and Okabe are Starknight321's characters - thanks for the commission!

We were met at the Dance by Captain Regency of whom you have heard so much, and who in Person does not disappoint, far from't — forgive me Sister I am yet Aflutter — a proper Gentleman! in Form and Substance both — and such Drollery, but only such as a Nicety of Manner would permit —

blessed tomato children

thanks to Neoscottie for the commission of their character!

‘No why don't *you* ride *your* horse in the way you think best and *I'll* simply do the same with *mine* thank you.’
‘Benno, you're four feet off the ground, you're not in any - ’
‘*Thank* you!’

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