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crunch time is daily progress update time

(magical invisi-monitor because i didn't think the composition through, whoops)


(there is an animated gif version of this but the timing is messed up by the conversion masto does, so imagine if you will that he's looking from side to side at each of them)

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- ok folks. we sure about this?
- yeah! do it!
- 100%.
- [prolonged clicking] ... it is done.

the band push the button on rebranding from THRONES OF PESTILENCE to TUNA BREATH

um er if you could make it out to my wife myra that'd be grand thank you so much!

passing places on single-track roads == claudia chat opportunity == edith's personal purgatory


you meet the most fascinating people at these social democrat fundraisers

nsfw, 🔞 

oh for - my editor *knows* not to ring me on wednesday nights

(sorry this is late - family emergency, all good now)

personal inktober rules this year
1. do it
2. wilfully ignore any and all lists of prompts
3. small, loose, quick and ???fun??? ... i.e. not hours of cross-hatching this time

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Andante, non presto... oh dear.

Thanks to Forepawz for the commission of his character!

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