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I want to draw.......... for fun................

I'm doing actual vector art for the first time in a decade and it's like pulling damn teeth haha logos suuuuuckkkk

I'm glad Masto likes this so much because I've decided I 1000% do not want to deal with posting it on twitter lmao

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Birdsite, TERF apologists, artists (update) 

Someone called him out on this, and he responded that he'd misunderstood the situation:

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Birdsite, TERF apologists, artists 

Hey so: fuck Kyle T. Webster

Touching up old comic pages without just completely redrawing all of the REALLY JUST OUTRIGHT BAD OLD ART is destroying me

Cw: Weird eyeballs, I guess body horror maybe? 

Some tiny watercolour paintings I did a little while back!

Riding that "getting a big piece done" high, following it up with getting five minor things done I've been needlessly struggling with for weeks.


Okay, I know "quarantine baking" has become a cliche but to be fair I'm partnered to a literal professional artisan bread baker! We never make bread because they bring multiple pounds of it home from work every day, but they're not working right now so I'm taking my chance!!

50/50 whole wheat and mystery white flour

Broke: showing your friend you love them by drawing fanart to make them happy
Woke: showing your friend you love them by drawing horny Beetlejuice to antagonize them

absolutely Loved working on this commission for @kobold !!! Byron is a wonderful lad and he loves beautifying his garden.

TomboyX, birdsite salt, wishful thinking 

Gonna start my own damn trans-inclusive queer underwear company and hire all my comics friends to design prints for it. >:(

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TomboyX, birdsite salt 

Honestly I'm.... not super surprised to find out TomboyX isn't good about trans issues. The one time I ordered something from them, I was drawn in by the inclusive language on their site only to get a bunch of promo material along the lines of "You're a TOMBOY, and this underwear is for YOU. What's a TOMBOY? A woman who REFUSES to be defined."

Which was, uh.... well, I like the pair I bought but I have no desire to place any future orders.

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