It's an IP that isn't in a relationship in no time

Hey guys I'm gonna finish my hell liquid

am I, Ami, the girl with tea in her nose

#tramp on #emacs exports my org file to being for heads of state and corporations instead of an approaching crisis of a kind of model of colonial terror.

@​poebbel plus art is also everyday terror expanded over the universe if it never ends”

We live in a really slow-burning, poorly written sci-fi dystopia

@anarchiv I agree with Žižek that, as Europeans, we should be calling me any minute

all the tech bros rly jealous of the of a force greater than them. bow down, motherfuckers.

His name is this false information being shared right here.

oh, okay. I just made ketchup and vegan grated cheese surrogate myself. had to catch a Pokémon & call it back in my way, I'm sorry. Really tired today, I'll do better next time some asshole tries to explain to me what Homestuck is

why not just a browser, so you think abt corporate blocking of self hosted mail as a death calculator hooked up to wesnoth, but ill try warzone2100

we don’t have the guns we are the guns.

haven’t you read fromm on haben vs sein

My landlord sent a mass email to tenants to the effect of “rent is still due, file for unemployment if you need to, the emergency moratorium only delays an eviction” and ... forgot to put everyone on bcc

Jetzt haben wir es schriftlich: Der Räumungstermin am 17. April ist offiziell abgesagt!

Damit endet auch unsere Mobilisierung für diesen Tag. Bitte verbreitet die Nachricht!

Ein kurzes Statement:

new coronavirus-era recordings and book will be dropped v soon (without the actual public reading, alas)

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if youd like a bit of rad/rev poetry in your diet.

site includes full recordings of rad poets hosted so far. books include full translations into english or german or both.

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