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A Revised Introductory Post - Let's Be Pals 

At around version 15 or 16 of this stupid video project, the client mentioned that we were nearing the end. Today, at version 19 they’re saying this should be the last edit. Haha. Fun.

We’ll see which one is available first. Man, manufactured scarcity for digital audiobooks is kind of a bummer. I get why it is the way it is, but I certainly don’t enjoy it.

Tell you what, spending the morning and afternoon all pissy sure ruins your productivity. Glad I took so long to cool off!

I've been wearing my headphones at work but no music or audio has been playing. Welcome to Thursday!

Gifs would be a nice feature on mastodon because I have a few that would fit my mood today. Instead I’ll just do my best with emoji. 😒

Decided what the hell and purchased @tootapp to have a fancy masto client on my phone. Gotta say, the animation is snappy and superb.

Some days you spend a majority of your evening on the 405/5 and others you spend about half an hour and get to your destination early.

Self Promotion Post For Show I Produce 

This is particularly frustrating because I like Mastodon, it's aesthetic, it's philosophy, and its priorities. I'd fully transfer to here in a heartbeat if my "online friends" were here as well.

So much of the discourse on the bird site frustrates me, and I strongly dislike everything about the company, but the people I DO like to follow are on there and until they move's going to be tough to fully leave.

I've got a version counter on my whiteboard at work for this client. We're at 14 versions of this initial cut. I just.....long, drawn out sigh.

I harp on nostalgia a lot on the birdsite and the facebuk, and I imagine I come across as somehow above it all. I'm not. I feel that tug just as hard as everyone else (maybe more so) but I don't want corporations tapping into it or making money off of it. I don't want their exploitation.

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