someone on one of my discord servers called elon musk "car notch" and i am absolutely using that now

The existing rules have plenty of allowances for working around this article’s perceived issues (many of which are just the author misinterpreting the PHB). And the rules also give the DM full leeway to change whatever they need. It’s your game.

The Purge, but instead of no laws, for 24 hours customer service workers are allowed to say whatever they want to customers without repercussions.

Me: I weep for our nation.

Husband: Ah, you're on Twitter again.

Dangit Tootdon, you were one of the less terrible clients.

We’re coming for you *spins comically giant roulette wheel* New Zealand? Sure

If you were intrigued by anyone’s performance in tonight’s and want to hear from them again in DNC’s September followup, support their campaigns financially. It’s not a commitment to one candidate, but they need those funds (and need to have decent national polling) to qualify for the second round. Help their voices be heard!

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Goin’ to the candidates’ debate
Laugh about it, shout about it
When you’ve got to choose
Every way you look at this you lose

Commission Me here:

Wife and I are attempting a 1-20 D&D run. Here's her character, Margren. Believe it or not, she's actually a warlock, and her patron likes to spy on her and talk in her ear. Unhelpfully of course.

#painting #portrait #dnd #character #commission #commissionme #elf #halfelf #spear #warlock #witch #fantasy #art

In the battle of NyQuil sleepiness versus acid reflux pain, nobody wins.

Nintendo: we continue to support 3DS as a platform
Also Nintendo: *drops an entire without a 3DS game*

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