It's not rude to leave Slack channels without saying anything; there's no need to dolphin out.

What’s the policy on spoopy October name changes around here?

Star Tours employee: “One of the shuttles is lost in space so we’re trying to find it, could delay things a little”
Me: “...did the passengers make it back”
Star Tours employee: “...we’re still looking for them”


Trump: “In less than two years, my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country-”
World leaders at UN: *murmurs and stifled laughter*

What does it say about me that I recognized Jason/Jianyu was ranking Fast and Furious movies before he said they were Fast and Furious movies

Someone please make a browser extension that takes a recipe blog post and moves all the garbage before the recipe to the bottom so the actual ingredients/instructions come first. Or just throw the bloggy part in the fire.

I was typing in "good size for a desk monitor" but now I'm on a side quest?

Just look at what we can do with this technology!

Respect to iMore for helping find obscure settings, but don't turn off AMBER Alerts. They literally save lives.

"cw is great", I say, as I open every single cw'd post no matter what they say, "you can choose what you want to see"

lrt is giving me palpitations. I’m DMing for the first time on Saturday! And the players are all playing for the first time. Should be insane.

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