In the battle of NyQuil sleepiness versus acid reflux pain, nobody wins.

Nintendo: we continue to support 3DS as a platform
Also Nintendo: *drops an entire without a 3DS game*

“Dragon Quest XI S” taking a page from Apple’s playbook regarding incomprehensible Roman numeral + English letter mashups.

My custom Hero Forge mini arrived! Can’t wait to get a layer of paint on Purr-Meow the kenku rogue (and his cat Gurgle).

Can’t imagine why this episode has been re-broadcasted. Get a totally not topical civics lesson just because!

It's really convenient to know which new animation studio to boycott before they even release anything.

I just learned a new-to-me awk thing! You can print nth-from-last column using:

'{print $(NF-n)}'

Because this took me way too long to figure out, here’s how to manually create an Apple Store gift card link suitable for Apple Wallet:

“What do we want?”
“Figgy pudding!”
“Where should they bring some?”
“Right here!”
“When will we go?”
“When we‘ve got some!”

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