Guess I’ll just hold my breath today, cool, cool, cool

Pro-tip: "Foolish mortals" is a gender-neutral way to refer to folks!

Woken up by acid reflux every night for the past week. I think the pantoprazole stopped working on me.

Never buy retro video game-style merchandise where the pixels don’t line up.

It's not rude to leave Slack channels without saying anything; there's no need to dolphin out.

What’s the policy on spoopy October name changes around here?

Star Tours employee: “One of the shuttles is lost in space so we’re trying to find it, could delay things a little”
Me: “...did the passengers make it back”
Star Tours employee: “...we’re still looking for them”


Trump: “In less than two years, my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country-”
World leaders at UN: *murmurs and stifled laughter*

What does it say about me that I recognized Jason/Jianyu was ranking Fast and Furious movies before he said they were Fast and Furious movies

Someone please make a browser extension that takes a recipe blog post and moves all the garbage before the recipe to the bottom so the actual ingredients/instructions come first. Or just throw the bloggy part in the fire.

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