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I agree. As a professor once told me, "we need to save the Earth" makes no sense. The Earth doesn't need us to save it, it's literally a lump of rock floating in space, it'll be around after we all are long gone. In fact, we need to "save ourselves" by conserving the environment. This destruction is a mess we got ourselves into, it's our responsibility to get ourselves out.

Four days off work. Last email of the week is sent at 7.30pm … and my work email account is now deactivated on my Mac and phone.

I am delighted that is already a popular hashtag here as well as on that bird site

Pets make a house a home

@Cdespinosa This is why I’ve started moving away from Twitter, as I have with Facebook. It’s clear the aims of both do not include producing a product people want to use. Both are taking users for granted and assuming they’ll stick around irregardless of changes.

@IrisSagan OMG, I missed that completely and I'd flicked the the settings a few times. Thank you.


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