The next The User Group is scheduled for May 24 2018 (18:30 - 21:00).

It is hosted by :
Aleje Jerozolimskie 178, .

There will be 3 short presentations:
- What is FreeBSD?
- checkpoints
- Introduction to OS

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@saper It is not. The plan is to have 2 related talks and one about other, non-BSD operating systems.

@mpts a, cool.
be sure to ask questions :)

Last time I was interested in #Qubes I tried to figure out their build system, it was a total disaster. I hope they improved now!

How many attendees do you have?

Are you going to do some meeting in Tricity? :)


We aim to host ~30 attendees.

We have not thought about other cities (most of us live in Warsaw) but if you'd like our help organising one in then join us on -pl, .

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