I've published my completion files for some programs.

The repository includes Bash completion scripts for the following software at the moment: , ,

@mpts Is it avaiable as port? Or can you merge into "bash-completion" port?

@petr_fischer I am working on it. I've emailed sunpoet@ to discuss it.

Do you think it should be installed by default with shells/bash-completion?

@mpts Definitely by default IMHO. pkg, service... all is essential commands. In actual bash-completion, there are some, maybe old, completions for pkgadd, pkgrm etc...

@petr_fischer I've just got an email from sunpoet @. My repository will be added into the bash-completion port as an option enabled by default. The completions are going to be basically installed from both repositories at the same time, although my completions are going to be preferred in case of a conflict.

@mpts Yes! Today I noticed a new version of bash-completion. It's good that your work got into the port.

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