TBH I would consider switching to #NetBSD or #FreeBSD for development systems.

Even though one later goal is to have at least one *BSD kernel based system generated and maintained by plant, Linux is the more immediate goal.
The problem with switching to one of the BSDs is a bootstrap one: For the time being I need a set of (static) executables which are part of the trusted base. If they were build on an FreeBSD host, they can not (to my knowledge) be executed on an Linux machine.

Therefore staying on Linux is a pragmatic choice.

@ng0 I guess that you cross compile for on and use the compatibilty layer to still run those programs on FreeBSD

@mpts I have read a bit more into ELF compatibility and refreshed my knowledge about this.
Imo it shouldn't be that much of a problem to run Linux ELFs on *BSD, but vice versa it is a problem (since that lawsuit back then no one had motivation for it to do it again in Linux I think).
How to build Linux ELF binaries in *BSD is a deadbeat question, so there's enough out there to get me started.
Another factor to consider is where I want to (and can) work on for the applications I develop.
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