Stupid plan for the day. Since @nachdemsturm #archlinux is acting weird on a daily basis I'm going to break out my X230 and install an #OpenBSD for her to play with, since she herself brought up switching to OpenBSD sorta ironically ^^.

I personally would have installed #FreeBSD but she's in for the pufferfish. You can't say "No" to Puffy I guess ^^.

@raichoo Yep, saying "No to Puffy" is nearly impossible. My daughter loves him and even all my OpenBSD posters on the wall.

@_xhr_ Only issue right now might be that there is probably no Atom package, since it's the editor that she currently uses to learn programming (pretty low entry bar while maintaining a lot of convenient features).

@raichoo Heard that a lot in the past that users miss having Atom. Seems the use base is not yet big enough to start a port...


@_xhr_ @raichoo is an based application, unfortunately, so it is not easily portable...

There's an ongoing effort to port it to : you may track the progress here:

@mpts @_xhr_ Yep, I'm aware of that :) Currently I'm still trying to get Gnome up and running on OpenBSD since I'm utterly unfamiliar with setting up Gnome and using OpenBSD it's a bit of a stumbling experience ^^.

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