Is it just me or is there no way to *specify* a path for the moduli file?

Reasoning for specifying it is: I want to generate a moduli file on each newly deployed host, but if the moduli file is included in the package, upon installing updates the package manager will complain that the file has changed, which rings all sorts of warning bells.

Seems like there *should* be a way to specify a different path, but I just don't see it.

@rysiek Well, on at least, if you were to use the version from ports, we could modify the port to install the moduli file as a sample. As a result you'll always get the latest moduli file installed with every update as moduli.sample, and your custom moduli file would be left in tact.

@mpts that sounds exactly like what I need. FreeBSD is in fact the platform here and openssh-portable is the package.

How do we do this?

@rysiek I'll post a patch in a moment, my poudriere testport has to finish first.


@rysiek Here's the patch for the port:

You may submit it though if you think it would be nice to have in the official ports.

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