I'm unsure if the #FreeBSD cluster managers lurk around here, but they should be aware of we.phorge.it after Phacility announced they discontinued Phabricator development.
It's looking like a nice bunch of humans to give some continuity to the project :-).


@evilham I've sent them that link. Thanks!

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@evilham If you'd like to participate in the working group, which is going to decide if should move away from (and if so then to what other service?) then subscribe to the following mailing list: lists.freebsd.org/archives/fre

I've heard that this is where folks are going to organize the working group.

@mpts thanks for briging it up! I'm subscribing there :-).
Incidentally I have a buildbot integration for #Phabricator / #Phorge that needs opensourcing, its reviews feature is still much better than that of the alternatives.

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